Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CPR Card

CPR or cardio pulmonary resuscitation is the emergency procedure opted to save the life of the person suffering from cardiac arrests or gasps. It is the emergency procedure that can help the patient to stay alive till the medical help arrives. The CPR provided for adults is different from that provided to infants. This is the procedure that should be learned by every individual. It can help someone in trouble. Many countries have the CPR card system to identify the healthcare facilities given to the person previously. This CPR card can also be used as the proof for opening a bank account, getting insurance, paying your salary, using government services, etc.
The CPR procedure can be provided in two ways – chest compressions and artificial respiration. The person providing CPR should be certified to provide this emergency procedure. In emergency situations, person having slight idea about the technique can also prove helpful. The CPR certification card is received by the person after completion of the CPR program. Some countries are making it compulsory for every person in the country to learn the CPR techniques. They are provided with the unique CPR card that holds the information of the person. This CPR card is also called as health card or medical card.
The CPR card provides you with the unique CPR number that enrolls you in the National Register of persons. After registration and providing the necessary details, the CPR card is sent to your address by mail within 5 days. You receive the yellow card that has the unique number assigned to you. It will provide you the unique identification number just like your PAN number.
The CPR card has a 10 digit unique identification number. It is separated into the group of 6 digits and 4 digits. The first part of this number is your date of birth and the last 4 digits are your personal identification number. For example, if your number is 140188 – 1661, then first part of the CPR number represents your birth date i.e 14th Jan 1988 and the remaining number ‘1661’ is your unique CPR number. The last 4 digits even indicate the sex of the card holder. If the last digit is even, it indicates that the card holder is female while if the last digit is odd it will indicate vice-versa.
The CPR certification card can act as your proof of identity and can be used wherever you need to provide the proof of identity. This is your permanent number and cannot be changed. You will have to exchange your CPR number if you move permanently to the area 15 miles away from your current location. CPR card is a must to work in some countries.